Commissioning a Portrait

Commissioning a portrait from Talbot is an easy, enjoyable experience.

Upon contacting the artist and discussing the nature of the portrait, Talbot will then travel to your home to take numerous photographs of the subject. If needed and there is sufficient time, she will also do live sittings of her subject. Photographic sittings can be done at her home and studio as well. She and her client will then choose the best photograph or photographs from which to create the portrait. They will also determine how much of the subject to portray --head-and-shoulders, half to three-quarters, or full-length-- as well as the size of the canvas or paper. This process may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Talbot can also work from an existing photograph if a client so prefers.

Depending on the artist's schedule,completion of a portrait may take anywhere from several months to a year or more.

Portrait Specifications and Fees:

Pencil or Conté Crayon
Head-and-Shoulders: 3000.
Half to 3/4 Figure: 5000.
Whole Figure: 7000.

Watercolor or Pastel
Head-and- Shoulders: 4000.
Half to 3/4 Figure: 6000.
Whole Figure: 8000.

Head-and-Shoulders: 6000.
Half to 3/4 Figure: 8000.
Whole Figure: 10000.

Photographic Sittings
Photography done by the artist: 200.
The photographic sitting(s) fee is due at the time of the sitting.
Half of the entire portrait fee is due at the time of commission; and the rest of the fee is due upon completion and delivery of the finished portrait.